The 2015 Jetta TDI, which features a new, turbocharged diesel four cylinder engine, can rival the fifty miles per gallon average ratings that the government gives the fuel efficiency on the gasoline electric Prius hybrid. During testing, the Jetta TDI averaged out to a 49.6 mpg in a variety of driving scenarios, mixing together leisurely driving with aggressive turns and movements, with nearly 720 miles to show for it on the single diesel tank.

TDI stands for turbocharged direct injection. Direct injection is a process where a fuel injector spats atomized fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder, as opposed to a pre-combustion chamber that is used in older diesels. TDI engines also used forced induction to increase the amount of air that can enter each cylinder. These engines allow for great efficiency, and greater power.

The Jetta’s base two liter gasoline engine is different from other vehicles in that it is naturally aspirated and can deliver a powerful 115 horsepower. The \ engine can also generate 184 foot pounds of torque at as low as 1,500 RPM. Drivers who were given the opportunity to see how the Jetta handles were particularly pleased with the driving performance as well, noting the pleasing sounds of the engine with their every move.

Everything about the new Jetta TDI suggests that it is not going to provide a simple or ordinary driving experience. From the pleasing power to the smooth shifts with the dual clutch automatic, it is easy to see why so many drivers are excited to purchase this vehicle. With how well the engine handles, the vehicle also promises a very confident steering response, with agile handling and a minimized body lean, creating an ideal driving experience for all occasions.

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