Safe driving is always a priority for VW drivers. Seasonal changes can bring a new set of challenges to every driver. Consider some of these VW seasonal driving tips to not only ensure your safety, but also enhance your driving experience.


Fall can be a particularly turbulent time of the year. With rain and fog to worry about, it is important for you to drive carefully. Because it is the start of the school season, it is a good idea to take your time driving down school crossing lanes and watch your surroundings as carefully as possible. Never plow through leaves, and be sure to have your fog lights on when you need to drive at night.


With winter driving, it is always vital for you to change your tires to suit the season. Switch to winter tires to help make the driving easier, and always drive carefully. Mind your distances between other drivers and try your best to control your vehicle, especially during turns and city street driving. Black ice can be tricky, so it’s important to be aware of other vehicles, as they may lose control.


Spring is one of the most enjoyable driving seasons because there are fewer concerns for drivers to worry about when they are on the road. Rain is something that drivers should always watch out for, but keeping proper rainy driving procedures in mind can help eliminate any dangers. Be sure to keep your wipers on and drive slower in particularly fierce showers to avoid collisions and unwanted problems.


Heat management is vital for your vehicle during the hotter summer months. This can be handled properly by keeping your engine cool and making sure that your vehicle is equipped with all of the right temperature easing supplies necessary to prevent mechanical problems. Switch to summer tires as needed in order to keep your tires from overheating and experiencing sudden problems when you are on the road.

Volkswagens can handle any season, but following these tips will make sure that you stay safe and comfortable year round.

Regardless of the season, keeping up on your VW maintenance is crucial to ensuring a safe vehicle. To make an appointment at Patrick VW Service Center in MA, click here.


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