When Volkswagen is mentioned, one automatically thinks of the iconic logo. It is perhaps the most well known logo in the industry and can be traced all the way back to 1933, when the first model appeared on the market, carrying with it the very first logo. So it comes as a shock that Volkswagen have announced plans to update their image by introducing a new logo. The classic typeface is being replaced with a more contemporary, less geometric logo; The Volkswagen Text, a brand new font which should reflect the many changes that the company’s car models have experienced throughout the years.

Why Change?
While the old logo is associated more with the older models -the iconic Volkswagen Golf Mk1 or the VW Camper- the new model will represent the modern, streamlined models being produced by the German company today. The change has been inspired by efforts to keep up with the distinctive vehicle design of Volkswagen.

What to Expect
The new typeface has been put together by MetaDesign and designers are hoping that it will resonate with VW drivers in time, as exposure increases and the logo starts to appear not just on the front of the vehicle but on the VW dashboard, on stationary and in brochures. The marketing Chief, Xavier Chardon, has announced that it will appear “in and on our cars”. Another question is whether or not the introduction of a new logo will increase the company’s revenue. It remains to be seen as to whether the logo changes will be accompanied by internal changes that might also help in boosting revenue.

Reported Changes
It has been reported that, while the symbol will remain wholly recognizable, it will be re-introduced with some fresh new modifications that will give it a sleeker and more eye-catching quality. It will remain on the grill, but the symbol will be slightly larger, while there will be a more distinct separation between the upper V and the lower W. The logo will come off more 3-D and there are hopes that it will help transform Volkswagen’s place in the car industry. It is a bold but exciting marketing move for Volkswagen.

Patrick WV will have the new Volkswagen logo on its models when its released next year. Until then, come check out the end of an era and test drive a 2015 VW today.



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