2017 VW Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta has long been a popular car, and the 2017 edition is loaded with amazing new features that can compete with any car on the market. If you’re on the prowl for a new car, take a look at what the 2017 VW Jetta has to offer.


The 2017 Jetta is packed with ultra-modern features that will transform your driving experience. A rearview camera system allows you to view real-time video footage while you’re backing up, which means no more craning your neck to see behind you.

A blind spot monitor alerts you when a vehicle you can’t see is coming up behind you. Try to switch lanes and an alarm will go off. No more close calls and honking vehicles!

One of our favorite features is an adaptive cruise control. You can program the Jetta to keep a set distance from the next vehicle, and the car will automatically adjust its speed to maintain a proper distance.

A multi-function trip computer keeps track of vital statistics such as the number of miles traveled, how long you’ve been driving, your average speed and current fuel economy, keeping you up-to-date as you drive.

For many people, an awesome driving experience isn’t just about a car’s performance, but about its luxuries. With the 2017 Jetta, you can expect:

• Awesome sound with 400W Fender speakers
• Heated front seats with three settings
• Automatic temperature control
• Built-in Sirius XM Radio

Perhaps best of all, the Volkwagen Jetta has awesome fuel economy – up to 40 MPG!


The 2017 VW Jetta is built with your safety in mind all the way down to the frame. The Jetta is designed with a safety cage that deflects any potential impact away from the passengers, keeping you and your loved ones safe. The body is reinforced with steel to provide it extra durability.

The 2017 Jetta also comes with the latest in driver technology, keeping you safe on the road no matter what. From a tire pressure monitoring system that lets you know if you air pressure is low, front assist collision warnings that alert you if you get too close to another vehicle, and an automatic post-collision breaking system, there are a number of innovations designed to keep you safe on the road.


Praise has been heaped on the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta from a variety of sources, including Autoweek. Most important of all is the 5-star rating it earned from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This means you can rest easy, knowing you’re in good hands.

Please bear in mind that some features are not included in all models. If you have any questions or concerns, Patrick Volkswagen of Auburn, MA would love to help you.

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